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Pillar 4: Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

People who read this section of the blog may think one of the following: "I'm not religious so why should this matter to me?", "I go to church so I don't need to be spiritual.", or "Spirituality is for hippies". Spiritual wellness is important to every person in a different way, but it is important. Spiritual wellness has to do with a person's values, beliefs, and their sense of purpose. Spirituality is not religion although it can include someone's religion. Spirituality is a very personal type of wellness that means something different to every person, but there are different ways of maintaining spiritual wellness that can be universal.

Four Steps Toward Spiritual Wellness

Step 1: Identify and accept your beliefs and values. Some people who consider themselves non-religious or not spiritual have been jaded by religious groups or practices or they simply don't find it to be important. Althought that is completely the perogative of the individual, it's important to reflect upon our own beliefs and identify what is important to us. This could be something big like a higher power or "God" or just the value of family or belief in the miracle of the universe. Each person determines what is important to them and that is their spirituality.

Step 2: Identify and explore your own sense of purpose. Similar to beliefs and values, each person determines their own purpose in life. For some their purpose is to serve a higher purpose, for others it is the career that they've chosen. A purpose to some people could even be to raise their children. Identifying our purpose gives us a strong and healthy sense of spiritual wellness.

Step 3: Consider finding a community that shares your spiritual values and beliefs and allows you to build upon them. Social wellness can be a part of emotional and spiritual wellness. In the case of spiritual wellness, being part of a community and serving the purpose of that community helps strengthen our sense of self and sense of purpose.

Step 4: Practice mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Yes, aagain!



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