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Our Services

Mental Health Counseling

We provide Mental Health Counseling within the regulations of the American Counseling Association under a Licensed Professional Counselor and Doctor of Counseling Education.  Mental Health Counseling is the classic talk therapy that a client thinks of when considering counseling or therapy. Mrs. Stevens uses a mix of Gestalt therapy and Person-Centered therapy. The goal of these sessions is to get our clients to a point where they feel comfortable continuing through life using the exercises, confidence, and understanding that they have learned through their time at The Four Pillars.

Fitness Training

We also provide Certified Personal Training under the National Association of Sports Management. Fitness training will consist of guided exercises at a frequency that is agreed upon by the trainer and the client as well as personalized training plans for the client to follow when not in sessions with their trainer. Fitness training is completely separate from Mental Health Counseling and will not have the same level of confidentiality nor the same level of emotional benefit as counseling will. Although exercise does strongly benefit emotional and mental health, results will vary.

Exercise Therapy

Our last service offered is Exercise Therapy. Exercise Therapy is a type of combination therapy in which the client will work with a Mental Health Counselor who is also a Certified Personal Trainer. These sessions will include both talk therapy and fitness training. Clients will be guaranteed the same confidentiality in Exercise Therapy as they would in Mental Health Counseling with the added benefit of guided exercise from a trainer. Clients will be given personalized training plans to do on their own. They will also have the option to either have seated talk therapy sessions, talk therapy sessions in a secluded location while performing guided exercise, and a mixture of the two.

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