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Relational Issues

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Determining the difference between relational issues as they relate to disorders can be difficult. These determinations should be left to a professional, but for your personal information and education, I will list some ways to find the probable root of these issues.

Relational Issues

  • behavioral in nature - Conduct Disorders

  • substance-induced - Conduct Disorders

  • severely dysfunctional (psychosis, bizarre behavior, unaware of social norms) - Psychosis Disorders or Personality Disorders

  • limited abilities - Cognitive Disorders

  • characteristics that the person has had for the majority of their life - Personality Disorders

  • mood-swings or emotionally-charged symptoms - Mood Disorders or Depressive Disorders

  • anxiety/fear is the cause - Anxiety Disorders

  • physical in nature - Physical Disorders

These are quick rules, but they are not set-in-stone guides.

There will be times when someone has a substance use issue, but are suffering from a severe mood disorder or they are experiencing sadness and mood swings, but they all stem from a cognitive disability that has yet to be diagnosed. Use the main symptoms with a client/patient to lead you in the right direction, but always take into account the person's substance/alcohol use, physical wellness, triggers, personal stressors, mental/cognitive ability, and any other factor that may change the way you would originally look at a symptom.

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