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What is Fitness Training?


Fitness Training at The Four Pillars is Certified Personal Training that provides a client with guided exercises from a certified personal trainer as well as personalized training plans based on their goals and needs. Clients will be provided with their desired frequency of in-person training followed by a training plan for the days they do not train in person. Types of training here include, but are not limited to strength training, weight loss training, circuit training, Powerlifting, post-Physical Therapy rehabilitation, correctional exercises, and balance training.

Do You Provide Meal Plans?


As a Personal Trainer, meal plans are not within my scope of practice. That being said, I am able to provide nutritional advice based on the client's needs.


What if I Start Training and I Decide I Want Counseling?


If you start training with a CPT and decide that what you actually need is mental health counseling or Exercise Therapy, training will be terminated immediately so that the client can choose the type of therapy they would like and gain the confidentiality required for their presenting issues. See the exercise therapy page for more information!


How Much Does it Cost?


The cost of fitness training is based on the frequency of in-person sessions as well as online or phone fitness consulting. Prices range anywhere from $50 per month to $50 per hour.

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