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What is Exercise Therapy?


Exercise Therapy is a combination therapy that incorporates Mental Health Counseling and Fitness Training. Sessions can be a mixture of talk therapy, exercise during talk therapy, and fitness training. All clients who choose to participate in exercise therapy will also be given a personalized training plan so that they can workout on their own if they would like.

How Can You Do Training and Counseling at Once?

To do both exercise and counseling in the same session, the client and their counselor (who will also be a Certified Personal Trainer) will meet in a private gym, a secluded walking trail, or another confidential location and perform exercise while also participating in talk therapy.


What about Confidentiality?


Confidentiality in Exercise Therapy will have the same strictness of Mental Health Counseling. All sessions in person and online will need to be confidential if discussing confidential information. Clients who choose Exercise Therapy will be given the same informed consent and confidentiality requirement as those who attend Mental Health Counseling.


How Much Does it Cost?


The cost of Exercise Therapy, much like Fitness Training will depend on frequency and the training plan. Like Mental Health Counseling, it will also be based on a sliding scale determined by the client's income. Prices will range from $30-$100 per session to $50-$300 per month.

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